Thank you for choosing hitAppoint as online appointment scheduler solution for your service business!

Please note that you need to have a website to run hitAppoint. Your website should support PHP v5.2+ and MySQL v4.1+. Most even simplest shared hosting packages do meet these easy requirements. Also please feel free to try out the Lite version first to see if it is going to work for you.

hitAppoint Salon Pro


  • All Pro features
  • Multiple providers
  • Multiple locations
  • Installation on unlimited websites
  • Removal of our copyright labels
  • 12 Months of support & updates

hitAppoint Lite


  • No Pro features
  • One provider
  • One location
  • Limited support
  • Copyright labels removal not allowed

Pro Features

Payment & Software Delivery

After your purchase you will instantly get your license activation code. Please go to the customers download area, type in your license code and download the Pro version package.

All major credit cards and Paypal accepted. On following the order links, you will be forwarded to a trusted, safe, and secure 3rd party payment processing company. Please note that we at hitAppoint will not have any access to your credit card or Paypal data.

There are options for discounts available.

Hosting Requirements

Installation Tasks

You will be required to:

Updates & Support

The purchase price for hitAppoint includes 1 year free software upgrades and email/ticket support unless specified otherwise.

When a new version is published, you will get a notification in the software admin panel. At the moment we kindly ask you to get the latest version from your personal download link from your purchase order email and upload the updated code to your site through FTP. If you lost the download link, please get it again to your email from our customer center. We plan to add an automatic update function so the software program files will be updated automatically as we publish new versions.

Refund Policy

If you're not happy for any reason with your software purchase, you can contact us within 30 days of purchase and request a full refund. We just kindly ask that you contact support first to try resolving any issues if that's the reason for your refund request.


If you purchase a Pro license and wish to upgrade to a higher license later, please simply purchase the upgraded license and we'll refund the original purchase price to you. Just submit a support request for the refund.


Renewing your license provides a peace of mind with an additional year of support and product updates for just $49 per year. If your license expires, your hitAppoint online appointment software will still work just fine but you won't have access to software updates and support.


You can remove our company labels and put yours. Please note that you cannot put the Copyright by text because only we own full copyrights for our product. You can however put your company name like Provided by company, Appointment scheduling by company or similar.

Please note that you are NOT allowed to resell our product as a standalone one. It means that you can use the product on the website(s) that you develop for your customers but you cannot advertise hitAppoint as a standalone product to be purchased directly from you.

Custom Modifications

Yes, we can make custom changes to our product, please contact us and describe the modification you need. We will do our best to give you a competitive non-obligation price quote for your custom changes.

Free Installation

Please contact us if you need the free installation service. It may require up to 3 business days. We will need a temporary FTP access to your website and the MySQL database login information.