With hitAppoint you can customize the forms that your customers fill in when they request appointments. Moreover, you can create different forms depending on the service selected by the client. For example, lets create a special form for your haircut services.

To start customizing your appointment forms, please go to Settings > Service Forms:

When you go there for the first time, the Create New Form screen automatically appears. Name your new form something like Haircut Details for example, then click Create.

New Custom Appointment Form

The new form has been created, but it is still empty, now you will need to populate it with fields. After the new form is created, you will be automatically redirected to the list of the fields of this form. Click the + Form Field: Add button, a new form field form will appear.

Create a new field that you would like to add to your new haircut appointment form. Name it for example Preferred Haircut. Let's make it a list of options for your customer to choose from, so in the Type option we choose Select, then we supply the list of available options in the box below:

Select Type Field With Options

You may also add some more fields to your form if needed. Once you are done with fields, you will need to assign your custom forms to your services. Go to Settings > Service Forms > Assign

Assign Custom Form To Your Service Appointments

For every service that you want a custom form to be assigned to, simply choose this new form in the drop down list and click Update.

As you assign a new form to your services, your clients will fill in this form when they schedule appointments.

Client Confirms Appointment With Custom Fields