The package feature allows you to sell your services in multiple packs. For example, 4 hours of Swedish massage, or a package of $200 credits that should be spent within one month, or unlimited visits to sauna during one week. The package behaves like a prepaid balance of your customers. After a customer purchases a package, the package is being stored attached to this customer account, and she will be able to schedule appointments that can be covered by this package later as needed, or make use of this package to pay for existing, already scheduled but not yet paid appointments.

Setting Up Appointment Packages

Simply browse to Company > Packages menu in your admin panel. As you do not have any packages yet, please click the + Package button to create one.

Add appointment package

A new package form will appear, in this form you will need to enter the details of your new service package.


A descriptive title for your package, for example Massage Pack or Yoga Introduction Course.


Here you can define which services are included in your package. There are two configuration options for this part:

  1. Any From List

    If you choose this option, the package will allow appointments for either all your services, or from the checked ones. For example, five Swedish Massage sessions.

    Assign services for a package

    For this Any From List option there is an additional setting named Value Type which defines the value of this package.

    • Number of appointments: how many appointments can be booked within this package, for example 5.

      Package type: number of appointments

    • Duration: the total duration of all the appointments within this package, for example 3 hours of Swedish Massage.

      Package type: duration

    • Amount: the money value of all the appointments within this package, for example $300 value of Swedish Massage appointments.

      Package type: amount

    • Unlimited: there's no limit on how many appointments can be booked within this package (as long as it is valid, we will define the package expiration settings below).
  2. Fixed

    With this option you can define exactly how many and which services are included in the package, for example one Swedish Massage appointment then two Thai Massage appointments.

    Fixed services package

Selling Price

Here you set up the price of this package for your customers. Such kinds of flat fee packages always have a better marketing appeal over services by the hour, they will also bring you more profit because more of your services are sold. For example, you can make a package of five Basic Lesson (each $60) and sell it for $250.

Alternatively you can tick the Not For Sale option and this package will not be available for sale for your customers. You will still be able to manually assign the package to selected customers in your admin panel.

Bookable Resource (Provider)

Here you can optionally assign the package to a bookable resource (provider), i.e. the appointments of this package can be booked with the selected provider only.

Package valid for a specific provider only

Expires in

This setting allows you to define if the package is valid during a limited period of time. This period starts from the moment the customer has bought the package. For example, a package of 10 massage appointments valid within two months.

Appointment package expiration

Weekdays (Optional)

You may want your package be active for appointments on Mondays only for example.

Appointment package valid on Monday only

Time (Optional)

You can also configure your package be allowed for appointments during certain time of day only.

Appointment package valid on from 10am to 1pm only

Dates (Optional)

You can either define a date range or a list of fixed dates when your package is allowed.

Service package valid on date range only

Service package valid on fixed dates

Customer Purchases Package

After you create a package with a selling price, and you configured at least one online payment option, your customers will be able to purchase your packages. When a customer is logged in, there will be a new link titled Purchase within her appointment control panel.

Customer wants to buy an appointment package

Service package list available for purchase

After the customer has successfully bought the package, it will reflect her available balance.

Customer available balance

Customer will be able to make use of her balance to pay for new or existing appointments.

Customer pays for an appointment by balance

The balance spending will be visible in both the customer control panel and the admin area.

Customer balance history

Owner Assigns Package To Customer

The administrator can also manually assign a package to a customer.

Administrator assigning package to a customer