Before taking advantage of hitAppoint to the fullest, you will need to do some configuration - add you services, schedules, and configure some settings. The initial setup process already added a few sample entries for you so this will not be difficult.

Basic Settings

hitAppoint provides a number of configuration options for you to help you fine tune the software exactly to meet your specific booking needs.

Settings > Email

hitAppoint can send out automatic notification and reminder emails on various actions. In this part you can set the return email address and the sender name of these automatic email messages. The default settings are taken from your current WordPress configuration so most probably these will be ok for your appointment scheduling software too.

Also you can specify the common header and the footer parts of your email messages. For example, it is convenient to add your signature in the footer, or contact information, something like that.

Appointment Booking Email Settings

Settings > Date and Time

Here you can configure various date and time options such as your timezone, date and time display format, what day starts a new week, and others.

Online Appointment Software Date and Time Settings


Next you will need to configure the services that you plan to allow to be booked by your customers. By default, the install process already created a couple of test services to help you get started. You can either choose to modify these services, or create some new ones.

To create a new service, please click the + Add tab.

Add a New Service For Appointment Booking

A new service form will appear where you can fill out the service information.

New Service In The Online Scheduling Software

  • Title
  • Duration
  • Clean Up Time

    The time required for you to complete things between appointments. For example, if it is set to 15 minutes, and the appointment ends at 11:00, the time untill 11:15 will remain unavailable.

  • Price

    The price of the service in your currency. If you enter 0, the service will be labelled as Free. If there is nothing entered (empty value), no price label will be given.

After you finish adding your services, you can see the whole list of your current service offerings. With the Up and Down buttons you can arrange the sort order of your services when they are displayed in the front end appointment form.

Services Available For Booking

When your service list grows longer, you can quickly sort the whole list by the Show Order fields.

Service Quick Sort