For service providers who are mobile, our appointment scheduling package offers a feature to recognize the customer and provider locations so that when consecutive appointments are scheduled, the scheduling system will automatically include the travel time between the appointments.

For example, Client A lives in Gilbert, Client B lives in Scottsdale. Both A and B want to schedule on the same day one right after the other. Client A schedules for an 1 hour long 10AM appointment. When client B goes to schedule, our scheduling software sees that they are in Scottsdale and will automatically offer the next appointment availability for 30 mins (travel time) after the 10AM one ends (11AM). So the next available appointment for Client B is 11:30AM.

To implement this, the administrator enters all the travel times between locations.

Travel time between appointment locations

Then these times are considered when calculating time available for appointments in different locations: please have a look at this image.

Travel time between appointment locations

There is an appointment 10:00-11:00 in Gilbert, so the next available time in Scottsdale is 11:30 (11:00 + 30 min travel), and 11:15 in Mesa (11:00 + 15 min travel). Please note how this also reflects the time before an existing appointment: if a customer wants to schedule in Scottsdale early, their appointment should finish before 9:30 so the service provider can get from Scottsdale to Gilbert by 10:00.