Multiple installations

Q: I'm a webdeveloper, if I buy the 1 installation license for a client to begin with, then if I get more simliar clients, is there an option to buy more licenses with discount?

A: Yes the Developer license allows installation on unlimited number of websites. If you already purchased 1 installation license, you will be pleased to set up a discounted offer for you for the Developer license so that you will pay the difference only.

Is there a downloadable demo?

Yes we have a lite edition of hitAppoint that is free to download and use. If you would like a thorough test drive of fully featured hitAppoint version before purchase, please drop us a line, and we will create your personal demo installation at our web server. Also we offer the full refund guarantee if hitAppoint is not ok for in any way.

What if I do not like your software after purchase?

No problem. Just drop us a line and we will promptly issue the full refund.

Is a white-label option available?

In the standard distribution, hitAppoint has a link back to our site in the admin control panel, it's in the footer. With the Developer license you can freely edit and change this part to your requirements, like add your company name and your website link.

Is source code included?

Yes, hitAppoint comes with the full PHP source code included. With the Developer license you are allowed to edit the software code in any way you need.