hitAppoint 6 brings a new, modern, completely responsive (mobile friendly) layout. Also many modules have been reworked to improve user experience. At the same time we have decided to remove some parts of the software, probably they will be back some time in future in a different form. So if you run version 5.2 and make use of the following features, please note that they are not yet supported in version 6.

  • Class scheduling

    At the moment we have only appointment type of services. There is still an option to have multiple seats capacity, no problem, but these appointments at the same time will be displayed as separate entries rather than grouped together as in the old version for class type services.

  • Service categories

    At the moment the services are displayed as one list, no categories are available.

  • Fine tuning admin users access to the system

    We simplified the access system to have only admin and staff backend users. Admins have access to everything, staff can only manage appointments, availability and customers.

  • Theme engine has change a bit, you will need to adjust your themes

    Please have a look at this help page on themes.

WordPress Plugin

If you run hitAppoint as WordPress plugin, please note that JoeBooking is the new name for hitAppoint in the WordPress domain. Actually it is the same software, but now JoeBooking goes for WordPress market while hitAppoint remains as a standalone solution. Please let us now if you run hitAppoint with WordPress and wish to upgrade, we'll update your order details so you will get the download link for JoeBooking.

How To Upgrade

To update your hitAppoint to version 6 from version 5.x, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Please go to customers download area and enter your email that you used to purchase our software. You will receive your download link for the new version. Your current license code is also valid for the new version. Download the latest version zip file.
  2. Make a backup of your current installation's index.php file.
  3. Upload the core6 folder to your current hitAppoint installation directory as well as the new index.php file. Please do not delete the old core5 folder at this moment.
  4. When you open your appointment scheduling system with your web browser again, it will redirect you to the upgrade screen where you will be asked to initiate the additional upgrade scripts.
  5. If you need to roll back to the older 5.x, simply restore the old index.php from the backup that you made in step 2.