Our appointment scheduling software offers very flexible settings to configure permissions of your administrative users. You can freely configure who can view and manage appointments and schedules of various bookable resources, and which parts of your appointment scheduling system can be accessed by your administrative users. Let's have a look at a sample setup.

We have three bookable resources (providers):

  • George
  • Karen
  • Sarah

and two administrative users:

  • admin (James Brown)
  • recepionist1 (Recepionist1)

So we can easily configure that admin (James Brown) can access the appointments and the schedules of all the bookable resources, while recepionist1 can just manage the appointments (but not schedules) of George and Karen, but can't even see the appointments of Sarah.

Here is the configuration for admin (James Brown) administrative user:

Admin Appointment Permissions

Please see that we allow everything for this administrative user. Now let's have a look at the settings for recepionist1 settings:

Receptionist Appointment Permissions

As you can see, we allow only view and edit permissions on appointments of George and Karen, and nothing is allowed for Sarah.